Here are some answers to the most frequently asked Swing Club questions.

Do you have a dress code?

So long as it’s clean and no work clothes, you can wear what you like. Wear what you are comfortable with or without. People do bring outfits and get changed at the club. There are theme nights so check out what to wear for them.

Is it all men, couples or single woman?

We try and control the mix, as best we can. However the numbers do vary from night to night.

I am gay, bi, t girl etc, can I come in?

Everyone is welcome. Do check out our events page as there are different events you can come to.

It’s my first time, I am nervous.

Don’t be, it’s just like a friendly bar, everyone chats to everyone. If it is your first time call ahead and book and tell Ivy and she will give an extra special welcome. All first time guests are welcomed, shown around the club and introduced to others who are there. If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone and they will be more than happy to explain anything to you.

What facilities do you have?

3 plays rooms with doors, one has a glory hole – a chill-out lounge and a recently refurbished dungeon. The dungeon has a St. Andrews cross, spanking bench, stocks, massage bed and the always popular swing. Have free lockers , just ask for a key at the bar.

Do you serve alcohol?

YES we have a fully Licensed bar. Tea and Coffee is free.

How do I meet anyone?

Simple answer, talk to them. There are wonderful people who come to Route69; spend some time and get to know them. Come and have a chat and a giggle. Relax and take your time at the bar and in the lounge getting to know the other members.

Can I come in and have sex then go?

We are a swingers club and not a massage parlour. This is frowned upon. If somone does this, they may find that no one will play with them in the future. There are no guarantees….

What is a greedy girl day?

Ladies are in control! Single guys are unlimited.

Couples are always welcomed.

It is best to book ahead and see how many other people are coming. Every greedy girl day is different and there is no gaurantees of who will show up.

What if someone does something to me when I’ve said “no” or “stop”?

This is taken very seriously. If this does happen to you don’t be shy, don’t be quiet, don’t worry about embarrasing someone. Come talk to someone at the bar right away and we will sort this out swiftly, even if that means calling the police.

Just Imagine

We are a Swing club, and its best that you are into swinging before you visit us. When you come through that private door your name, age, looks do not matter, everyone is a beautiful tease in our club. Come live out your fantasies.

Swing away at Route 69